Detroit Cobras

How About Another Round?

We're getting back into the swing of things. We're booking new shows and working on new music.

What's The Latest?

We're Headed Back on the Road!

Check out our shows page. We're booking into the Fall now. You asked for it, so here we come, ready or not!

Yes, We're Really Working On New Music

We've jumped on board with Third Man Records. We've been in the studio getting a new 45 done. (Look for it VERY soon!) We'll give everyone a sneak peak as the release date gets closer. And last but not least, we've started a new E.P. for real this time.  See! Here's Proof!

New Merch is Coming

We're getting some new t-shirt designs ready for our upcoming shows. If you want to be the coolest kid on your block, you'll have to come see us to grab the brand new designs! Check Out What's in Stock On-line


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For Booking Inquiries

Todd Cote

Leafy Green Booking 

2180 Bryant Street #206

San Francisco, CA 94110

Ph 415-642-6062 

Fax 415-642-6140


AIM: leafygreentodd


Skype: LeafyGreenTodd 

2180 Bryant Street, San Francisco, California 94110, United States

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