Mink Rat Or Rabbit LP/CD (Sympathy For The Record Industry, 1998, SFTRI 525)
Life, Love And Leaving LP/CD (Sympathy For The Record Industry, 2001, SFTRI 635)
Seven Easy Pieces CD (Rough Trade UK, 2003, rtradecd 070)
Baby LP/CD (Rough Trade UK, 2004, rtradelp 193/)co-produced by Greg Cartwright
Baby CD (Bloodshot, 2005 + Seven Easy Pieces+ Enhanced Video of Cha Cha Twist)
Tied & True LP/CD (Bloodshot USA, 2007, Rough Trade UK, 2007)
Original Recordings 1995-1997 LP/CD/7" Boxset (Munster 2008)
Down In Louisiana 7" (Black Mamba, BM-01, 1996)
Down In Louisiana (traditional) Over To My House (Sax Kary)
Village Of Love 7" (Human Fly, HFR-003, 1996) 500 copies
bootleg reissue of 200-500 copies on blue vinyl
Village Of Love (Mayer, Brown) Maria Christina (Valla, Brown)
Ain't It A Shame 7" (Scooch Pooch, PO 18, 1996)
Ain't It A Shame (Rudi Martinez aka Question Mark & the Mysterians)
Slum Lord (Farren, Bishop aka The Deviants)
Cha Cha Twist CDS (Rough Trade UK, 2004, cat.no?)
first version: black letters on a red background
second version: white letters on a black background
Cha Cha Twist (Hank Ballard/Les McCann)
Cha Cha Twist 7" (Rough Trade UK, 2004, rtrades 189) white vinyl
Cha Cha Twist (Hank Ballard/Les McCann)
Hey Sailor (Mickey Lee Lane)
Cha Cha Twist CDS-enhanced (Rough Trade UK, 2004, rtradescd 189)
Cha Cha Twist (Hank Ballard/Les McCann)
The Real Thing
Cha Cha Twist (Hank Ballard/Les McCann) (video-track)
YaYaYa 7" (Stag-O-Lee / Glitterhouse, 2009)
Ya Ya Ya (looking for my baby)
As Long as I have You
Compilations :
Bankstock II CD (44 Caliber Records, 1995, RFD 2301)
recorded live at The Miami, Detroit, july 4th weekend, 1995
Maria Christina-Shout Bama Lama (Otis Redding)
'Half-Assed, Will Travel' LP(PerineumRecordings/AnywayRecords,1997)
You Don't Knock
Shreds - Volume 4, American Underground '96 CD (Shredder Records, 1997)
Village Of Love (Mayer, Brown)
Scooch Pooch Plays: Their Original Sins CD (Scooch Pooch, 1997, P0 28)
Slum Lord (Farren, Bishop)
Shine On, Sweet Starlet LP/CD (Sympathy For The Record Industry, 1998, SFTRI 537) soundtrack of a film by John Michael McCarthy Coming Home
Alright, This Time, Just The Girls 2xLP/2xCD (Sympathy For The Record Industry, 1999, SFTRI 576) Ain't Hittin' On Nothing (N. Neville)
Where The Action Is CD (1+2 Records, 2001, 1+2 CD 124) You Knows
Sympathetic Sounds Of Detroit LP/CD (Sympathy For The Record Industry, 2001
produced and recorded by Jack White, mixed by Jack White and Jim Diamond
Shout Bama Lama (Otis Redding)
Hometaping - Volume 1 CD (Kerrang!, 2002, kerrang 900)Hey Sailor (M.L.Lane)
Rough Trade Shops Rock And Roll 1 7" (Mute, 2002, mute 289) Hey Sailor Rough Trade Shops Rock And Roll 2 xCD (Mute,CDStumm 212) Hey Sailor
Soundtrack For "Jackass: The Movie" CD (label ?, 2002) Cha Cha Twist
New Blood - The New Rock N Roll Vol 3 CD (Artrocker, 2003, RRR 33010)Bad Girl
Stop Me If You've Think You've Heard This One Before ... CD (Rough Trade UK, 2003, rtradecd 100) Last Nite (The Strokes)
Rave On Buddy Holly - Cd/Vinyl - Hear Music, Fantasy/Concord Music Group - Heartbeat
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